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Tips to Choose Best Anticipatory Bail Lawyer for Supreme Court

Right to Freedom is one of the fundamental rights as scripted in the Indian Constitution. Even as a defendant, you are entitled to a bail hearing. Indian Criminal Law has a provision of bail under Section 438 of the CPC (Criminal Procedure Code). If you are in the middle of getting bail and you are not clear with the procedure, then I would recommend that you stick to this article.

The term bail might be confusing and misleading for folks from a non-legal background. If you are one of them, then, let me walk you through the process of a bail hearing. After a person is charged with a criminal offense, he/she could apply for bail. It is an assurance that the defendant will appear before the court for the subsequent hearings. If he or she fails to appear in the court then they have to face the consequences.

These consequences may include revocation of privileges granted to the defendant. It might also involve monetary bonds or any other form of exchange of the defendant’s assets. All these assets and bonds are returned to the defendant once the hearing concludes. However, bail is not granted in cases of homicide.

You can file a Special Leave Petition (SLP) against the judgment of any of the session/high courts. Generally, SLPs are acknowledged where the practice of law is questioned rather than the fact itself.

It is not fair to be treated as a convict on the grounds of accusations. So, it’s important to invest time searching for a lawyer. At the end of the day, you want a lawyer who will leave no stone unturned to get you bail. It is necessary to ensure that your conviction and representation are in good hands. Sometimes there is a need to file a transfer petition in Supreme Court for which professional lawyer with adequate experience is needed.

While looking for an anticipatory bail lawyer, these are some of the qualities you should consider. First and foremost is the knowledge of the subject and the second is the delegation. He should also be a team player. Apart from this, you should also do a background check of the lawyer. The lawyer that you are hiring should be licensed to practice in your jurisdiction. His reputation should also be considered to solidify your case. It is advised to go for a private defender rather than a public attorney. Other traits like good analytical and research skills also aid in good judgment. Private defenders have the expertise to deal with a particular type of case. After you have considered all these factors, you can begin your search for an attorney who can get bail from the Supreme Court.

Anticipatory bail from Supreme Court can be granted in special situations. If you are looking for representation at the Apex Court then you can contact various law firms in Delhi area to get in touch with the best professional lawyer.


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