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Best Tips for Selecting an Attorney after Being Released On Bail

When it comes to choosing a criminal lawyer after getting released on bail, you should consider some factors that will help with the case. The lawyer should have proper knowledge about the case and have the abilities that will benefit your situation. They should have a proper license for practicing in your state. Usually, the things that people look for differentiate based on their personal situations, but there are some common things that everyone, looking for criminal lawyers supreme court of India, should consider:

License to practice

To hire an attorney, you need to ensure that they have the license to practice in your area/ state. Only then they will be able to represent you in the court of law. This is the first thing that you should consider when hiring criminal lawyers in Delhi.


The lawyers should be chosen based on their qualities which will be useful in helping with the case. You can go for lawyers that specialize in a particular type of case, have some potential credentials. They may work for a small or big legal firm or may have an independent firm. Getting the right criminal lawyer when on bail is a very important task. A good lawyer will show the right path and make the correct decisions after getting anticipatory bail from supreme court

Private Attorney or Public Defender

In case you are unable to hire a lawyer, then the court appoints a public defender. Private attorneys specialize in a particular area and take up cases only based on their specialization. Compared to private attorneys, public defenders work on various cases and have expertise in every area. Now, it is up to you whether you want an attorney who specializes in particular cases or a public defender with vast experience.


You can find out about the lawyer’s success rate through their reputation. That way, you can check if they can handle specific kinds of cases and even the complex and difficult ones. Reviewing through testimonials, publications and reviews can help in getting to know about their reputations. 

Specialization/ concentration

When you are looking for a lawyer who can handle particular cases, you need to check the cases they have picked throughout their careers. When out on bail in pocso act, there is no time to spend on lawyers who will take time to investigate the case. It is better to go for lawyers who specialize in similar cases and understand the case’s depth within a short time.

 Criminal defense lawyers specialize in cases related to theft, DUI, violent crimes, technical and domestic crimes. Chose the attorney who works with charges similar to what you are looking for.


The cost of hiring criminal attorneys varies and depends on a few factors. It is advisable to know these factors so that you can estimate the cost beforehand. The factors include:

  • Their experience in the profession.
  • The complexity level of the case.
  • The type of charges.
  • Involvement of witnesses.
  • The jurisdiction.
  • The case length. 

When you have considered all the above factors, know how to continue searching for a criminal attorney, and then only choose the lawyer who will represent you in the court. The right lawyer will know how to bring the case to your side of the court.


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